Why Light carpentry?

If you are looking into having the exterior of your home painted it is important to consider the prep before starting on your residential exterior painting project.

For example, there are many ways to prepare your deck for painting. This can be repairing and replacing the damaged boards before staining or painting them. No matter how much you paint the deck it will not fix the issues the deck. The same applies to broken window frames, outdated doors, deteriorating handrails, and more.

If the features mentioned above are made of wood, minor repairs and replacement jobs fall under the umbrella of light carpentry. There are many reasons to invest in light carpentry before and after applying exterior house paint. Let’s explore what light carpentry entails and why these services make a big difference before and after you paint your home’s exterior.

Light Carpentry Benefits Before & After Exterior Painting 1

What is Light Carpentry?

Light carpentry refers to a variety of tasks involving the minor repair, replacement, and installation of wooden features inside or outside a property. The term “light” is used to distinguish this range of tasks from the broader category of “carpentry,” which also includes major repairs and installations, rough carpentry (i.e. structural woodworking), detail work (finish carpentry), and more. In other words, light carpentry encompasses a smaller spectrum of duties that are largely aesthetic but can also have structural implications.
Light carpentry jobs include (but are not limited to):

Anything that is made of wood affixed or surrounding your home exterior that requires any updating falls under the category of light carpentry.

The Benefits of Light Carpentry

Before Exterior Painting
When the wood on your home has been damaged or rotted even with the best paint job, it will not fix underlying issues. Before starting the painting process, it’s recommended the surface is in proper shape before applying a new coat of paint. How do you take care of the wood before painting? Take a look below to learn what you need to do.
1. Find the Problem
There is likely something deeper going on with your wood and figuring out why it’s deteriorating can help save the life of your deck. Don’t leave anything unresolved before painting it or there will only be further damage to it down the line. Even if you repair the damage and paint over it, the root cause remains. With experienced light carpentry services, you can resolve the issue and keep your wood going strong for a long time.
2. Secure your property
Light carpentry work not only changes the appearance of your property but will also protect it. Strengthen the structural components of your property before anything else. Don’t let the rotting wood on your deck cause it to collapse. Light carpenters have the tools and knowledge to replace these deteriorating components to ensure your exterior features remain sturdy and safe for use.
3. Exterior Paint Job is Done right
If you want the best results on your exterior painting project then your property needs to be structurally sound with a clean slate for a new coat of paint or stain. With light carpentry services, you can guarantee that your color will be done right the first time. Start your painting on a fresh, clean, and solid surface so that it will last a lifetime.

The Benefits of Light Carpentry

After Exterior Painting
There are many advantages to continuing your light carpentry services well after the paint job has been completed. Here are a few of the benefits of having light carpentry work done after you’ve painted the exterior of a home.
1. Complement Your Newly Painted Property
After you’ve painted your exterior take a step back and take a look at the whole picture. Does the painting now compliment the rest of your home’s features or do they also need some updating? For example, you may find that you can now update your old front door by getting it refinished or a brand new paint color can that will compliment the rest of your home. Light carpentry services can help complete your home from top to bottom.
2. Keep Issues AWay
Regular maintenance is important to keeping your exterior beautiful and secure. Get your wood features inspected regularly for any signs of damage. Your new paint job is meant to protect your surfaces from harm, but environmental forces are still at play and can lower your property’s defenses over time. If you do notice minor signs of damage light carpentry services can help resolve the issue and make necessary fixes and touch-ups.
3. Life long Results
To keep your paint on your surfaces and lasting a long time the before and after light carpentry services are essential. Prepare the surface beforehand and maintain it afterward to keep it lasting a lifetime. At Foxrock Painting we offer both light carpentry and exterior painting services to customers in and around Newton, MA.
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