Professional Painters

What makes Foxrock Painting different?

It’s our people, our process, and our commitment to precision and professionalism. We call it The Foxrock Way. We also offer free estimates, complimentary color consultations, and no deposit down.
Obsessive Project Management
Project management and client communication are at the heart of any professional service business, and painting is no different. From initial walk-through to proposal preparation and project launch, your Foxrock team will lend expertise at every stage. Think of us as your personal painting guides.

Your dedicated Foxrock Project Manager scopes your project and gathers details about your schedule, special requests, and other subtleties that make your project distinct. Once work commences, your Project Manager is on-site to ensure workflows are on time and on budget. If unforeseen variables arise, you will be informed right away with thoughtful guidance and recommendations. Working in close collaboration with the production team, your Foxrock Project Manager reports on project progress in writing at agreed-upon intervals, and responds to your feedback in real-time.

At project completion, Foxrock takes you through a formal inspection and acceptance procedure. If anything is less than perfect, we address it on the spot.
foxrock painter painting interior of home
Our Differentiators 1
Diligent Planning
We work hand-in-hand with you to develop a personalized plan before work ever begins. This is the only way to capture each and every project nuance, and to ensure our promise of minimal disruption to your day-to-day life. Expect the Foxrock Painting uniformed crew to arrive on-site with a full project file in hand.
Historical Awareness and Accountability
As part of the planning process, Foxrock surveys every last detail of your home’s composition and condition. With a staff of experts in architectural repair and restoration, we understand that every home has gone through a unique journey to get to its current state. We take the time to detect precise factors that may be causing issues, whether from faulty work in the past or just the result of aging over time, and always consult the relevant historical or preservation society guidelines as necessary. If wood needs to be repaired or replaced, we will source an exact replacement to match the original or, if deemed appropriate, use the latest in repair epoxy technology. Either way, we are sticklers for preserving the original character and grace of your historic property.
Respect for Schedule
We understand that painting happens in your most personal space. Our promise is to work within your schedule, and do everything we can to become ‘invisible.’ We will arrive and depart the job site at precise, agreed-upon times. If off-hours work is ever required or requested, or if ad hoc changes come up in your schedule, we are always prepared to adjust.
Our crew is trained to leave their work areas spotless at the end of every day so that you can go about daily life with minimal disruption. When the job is completed, the highest compliment we could ever be paid is, simply, “We barely even knew they were there.”
Quality Guarantee
Foxrock Painting warrants all paints against fading or wear (under normal conditions) for a period of two years from the date of application (interior exclusions apply). In addition, we guarantee our craftsmanship for a period of two years. If you spot something that isn’t to your liking within 90 days of job completion, we’ll fix it. Guaranteed.
“One and done” is not in Foxrock’s vocabulary. We earn clients for life. We will even check-in from time to time to make sure your home is looking as marvelous as ever, and to keep you updated about market changes and trends you’ll want to know about. That’s The Foxrock Way.
worker painting a doorway for a bathroom