Our Family, Our story

Our story begins not long ago. The smell of fresh paint always sends me back 35 years to my mother’s hometown of Foxrock, a suburb of Dublin, Ireland where I would share ham sandwiches and laughs with my father and his painting crew, admiring another job well done.

At 8 years old, my brush skills and work ethic had already earned me a spot among the men, and taught me what it takes to be a successful professional: be a stickler for detail; do what you say and say what you do; and strive for lasting relationships grounded in mutual trust and respect.

Had I not been given the chance of a lifetime to journey from my native Ireland to study at Boston College, I may never have known another life. But I got the chance, took it, and soon established myself as a go-to professional in the client-centric world of financial services. Had you asked my career goals several years ago, I’d have said to continue to rise in this chosen field. But as I stepped into to my father’s painting company van my last visit home, the smells triggered dormant feelings deep within. I reflected upon what I truly want to achieve in life, and the seed of returning to my roots took hold.

I started Foxrock Painting to bring forward the Haughton family tradition of exacting craftsmanship and tireless service to a world where low expectations have, unfortunately, become too common. I hope you will allow us to earn the trust and respect that I’ve always held as non-negotiable.

Jeff Haughton, Founder and Chief Client Officer

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