Robbins Street

Waltham, MA | Click to Enlarge

Our customer was in a bind. She had to show her property to potential new tenants and she had 3 porches that were in very rough shape. She called Foxrock Painting in a panic to have the work done within the week. Our crew sprang into action and didn’t just repair the porches – they transformed the porches. The porch ceilings had extensive damage, and the paint on the railings and treads were heavily peeling. Using the highest quality caulk to repair the damaged ceiling, the team created a beautiful, seamless surface. The porches, railings, ceilings, and doors were repainted with fresh hues of cream and red to match the home’s trim. Nothing made us happier than giving our customer peace of mind. The work was done fast and well and the property was ready to win over the prospective tenants. A win all around.